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DILAS Expands Range of Visible Diode Lasers

Mainz, Germany

DILAS, the diode laser company, has announced an extension of its fiber-coupled, multi-single emitter modules with an output power of 2.4W at 405nm and 3W at 450nm into a 200µm fiber core with a NA 0.22.

These modular fiber-coupled multi-single emitter modules provide high beam quality and high power using DILAS’ expertise in beam shaping and fiber coupling. The result is enhanced scalability, beam quality, and fiber coupling efficiency.

Whereas existing modules are available at 450nm/10W and 450nm/25W, the expanded product range is at a lower output power of 2.4 watts and 3 watts, which offer an ideal solution for a variety of applications such as cinema, medical and solid-state pumping.

Scalability has also been demonstrated with fiber-coupled modules at 450nm with up to 50W out of a 200µm fiber.

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