Technical Papers

Tailored Bars at 976 nm for High-Brightness Fiber-Coupled Modules - Photonics West 2017

We present results on the improvement of T-Bars tailored for optimized coupling into fibers with a diameter of 200 μm with NA 0.22 corresponding to a beam parameter product of 22 mm·mrad. Cost efficient coupling to this fiber requires a tailored beam parameter product smaller than 15.5 mm·mrad in slow axis direction corresponding to a slow axis beam divergence of 7° (full angle, 95% power content) for five 100 μm wide emitters. The improved T-Bars fulfil this requirement up to an output power of 52 W with a brightness of 3.1 W/mm·mrad and a power conversion efficiency achieving 69%. This progress in the T-Bar performance together with modifications in the module design led to the increase of the reliable output power from 135 W in 2009 to 360 W in 2017 for a T-Bar module with one baseplate. We will also give a review of the main development steps and further R&D improvements.

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