Technical Papers

Reliable QCW Diode Laser Arrays for Operation with High Duty Cycles - Photonics West 2017

We present performance and reliability data of high-brightness QCW arrays and stacks with a custom, compact and robust design for an operation at high duty cycles. The presented designs are based on single diodes consisting of a 10mm laser bar which is AuSn soldered between two WCu submounts, as well as 10mm laser bars AuSn soldered to WCu submounts or Indium directly mounted to micro channel heat sinks. The available optical output strongly depends on the wavelength and fill factor of the laser bars as well as the duty cycle, the base plate temperature and the thermal performance to handle the thermal loss. Based on the applications requirements, conduction cooled stacks can be used in conjunction with thermo-electric coolers, water manifolds, or forced air cooling. For most demanding requirements at highest peak power and duty cycle, micro channel coolers with conditioned DI water offer the best cooling performance.

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