Technical Papers

Optical Components for Tailoring Beam Properties of Multi-kW Diode Lasers - Photonics West 2017

One important aspect for the increasing use of diode lasers in industrial applications is the flexibility of diode lasers to tailor the beam properties to the specific needs demanded from the application. For fiber coupled solutions beam shaping with appropriate micro-optical elements is used for efficient fiber coupling of the highly asymmetric diode laser beam, whereas for direct applications optical elements are used to generate specific intensity distributions, like homogenized lines, areas and rings. Applications with diode lasers like solid state laser pump sources often require tailored spectral characteristics with narrow bandwidth, which is realized by using volume Bragg gratings for wavelength stabilization.

In this paper we will summarize several concepts for adapting beam properties of diode lasers by using specific optical components. For building very compact laser modules of up to 2 kW we already presented a concept based on beam shaping of high fill factor bars. In this paper we will focus on further tailoring the beam properties of these very compact laser modules in the wavelength range from 808 nm up to 1020 nm. Fiber coupling of such modules into an 800 μm NA0.22 fiber yielded 1.6 kW without using polarization coupling. Another example is the generation of a 2.5 kW homogenized line with 40 mm length and a width of 4 mm.

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